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Month February 2021

25 Most Interesting/Weird facts that most people don’t know

I know you all have been using social media a lot and see many interesting facts on social media daily but trust me these are some very rare facts which most people don’t know. Let’s see how many of you… Continue Reading →

What has Technology done to Us? Is it Bad or Good?

We are in so love with technology that we are desperately waiting for more to come like flying cars, we are very close to actually see cars flying, isn’t it cool? But have you ever wondered what technology has done… Continue Reading →

What is Sealand? is it really the world’s tiniest country?

Have you ever thought of going to someplace and acting like “first of my name and the protector of the realm, declare myself as the king of this place”? Well, I think we all have done something like this during… Continue Reading →

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