I know you all have been using social media a lot and see many interesting facts on social media daily but trust me these are some very rare facts which most people don’t know.

Let’s see how many of you know these facts, I am challenging you that you won’t score more that 20%

  1. Australia once lost a Prime Minister and could not find him. The case remains one of Australia’s greatest mysteries.
  2. When you have an injury and you put ice on it, you should only have it on for about 15 minutes then leave it off 15-30. Then, restart the process otherwise, you could do a lot of damage to the cells in that area or you could even kill them.
  3. A penguin has three times more feathers than any other bird (they’re small and densely packed to retain body heat).
  4. Ravens/crows can learn to talk, similar to parrots. Most people are unaware of this, Here is the video: Ravens Can Talk!
  5. You will never guess how much the average cloud weighs, it’s about 1million pounds.
  6. The Champawat Tiger was a female Bengal tiger responsible for an estimated 430 deaths in Nepal and India during 19th-20th century.
  7. You will be amazed to know, the Disney Magic Kingdom’s parking lot is bigger than the Magic Kingdom itself.
  8. If you make $100/h and work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year without any holidays, and will never buy a single thing or pay a dollar in taxes, it would take you around five thousand years to earn a billion dollars. That’s the value of billionaire.
  9. France has more time zones than Russia and USA. (For those who are wondering, it’s because France owns a lot of island nations on Earth.)
  10. An ostrich’s brain is smaller than its eye because their eyes are about the size of billiard balls and take up so much room in the skull, so there is not much space left for brain.
  11. The current United States flag was designed by a 17 years old Robert G. Heft, as part of a school project. He received a B- grade for his project.
  12. Goldfish are the only animals, which can see both infrared and ultraviolet light.
  13. Gravity propagates at the speed of light. So if the sun suddenly disappears, we would continue orbiting for around 8 minutes.
  14. The myth of carrots giving you night vision during WWII was propaganda to disguise the fact that mobile radar had been developed.
  15. Photographs taken of the Eiffel Tower at night are subject to copyright law because night-time light show was added in 1985 and still protected under France’s copyright law as an artistic work.
  16. A day on venus is longer than a year on venus, a day lasts about 243 Earth-days and a year actually spans just 225 Earth-days.
  17. There were people who were born during Japan’s Samurai era and killed by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atom bombing attack. Japans military went from spears, swords and bows to tanks, planes and aircraft carriers in a single humans lifetime.
  18. If you have 23 people in a room, there is a 50% chance that 2 of them have the same birthday and in a room of 75, there is a 99.9% chance. It is called birthday paradox in probability theory.
  19. An octopus has three hearts, two are branchial and get blood to the gills, while the other is systemic and pumps blood to the body.
  20. Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia, because their own camels are used for domestic & racing purposes and Australian camels are being used for meat.
  21. Russia has a greater surface area than Pluto. Russia’s surface area is around 17.1 million sq km where as Pluto’s surface area is around 16.7 million sq km.
  22. Mammoths were alive during the time when the Great Pyramid was built.
  23. The World War 1 was triggered by the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife.
  24. Your body is creating and killing around 2 million red blood cells per second.
  25. Let me tell you a secret to become millionaire in less than a month, If you could double your money every day, and started with a penny, you would be a millionaire in less than a month.

I hope you learned so much today. Let me know in comments which one (fact) you find very interesting, so that we can discuss more about it in comment section.