How many of you have watched prison break? well, this post is not particularly about any prison break scene but yeah it is about how one prisoner came up with a great idea (that’s what he would have thought it, “a great idea”) using his stupid brain. So, read till the end to know what he thought and how he ended up.

Who was this prisoner & how did he end up in Prison?

Imagine you have been sentenced to death, how do you escape? Smile seductively at the guard? or tunnel your way out, you will try to be innovative right? You will come up with a new idea of escape which no one has tried before so Donald Snyder did.

He was not an innocent man, Donal Synder was serving time in Greenhaven State Prison in New York for auto theft in the early 1950s. He escaped and invaded a home, decided to take a hostage that he could use to bargain his way out of going back to jail, so he took a 9-year-old girl hostage.

When police surrounded him and fired at him, he stabbed his hostage and killed her and he was recaptured, His lawyer’s only defense was that maybe he hadn’t meant to cut her with his knife, maybe he’d fallen on her accidentally when police shot him to take him down.

The strategy didn’t work, and he convicted of murder and sent to Sing Sing prison in New York to execution by the electric chair.

How did he plan to save himself from execution?

Snyder was held for murder in September 1952 and scheduled for electric chair execution the next July. That’s a much quicker process than what happens today and it’s likely that, guilty or not, he would not be sentenced to death if he were tried now.

He knew he wouldn’t be able to escape from Sing Sing’s death row, so he resolved to grow too big to be executed.

He thought if he was too fat for the electric chair then the state couldn’t execute him and they’d have to change his sentence to life in prison. within ten months, He began to eat everything he could get his hands on and successfully put on a lot, going from 150 pounds to over 300 in less than a year.

On the day of his execution, he asked for eggs, pork chops, and plenty of them as his final meal and he was so convinced that he’d soon be explaining to reporters how his overeating saved his life.

But when the time came, he fit into the chair just fine.