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The Interesting Story Of The Father Of Italian Unification

We all have read so many Interesting stories of great leaders, patriots, republican and people who had contributed in the independence of our countries. Their life were full of challenges and struggle but still they did not give up. Today,… Continue Reading →

Interesting Unforgettable Incident During The Space Race

We all know what happened in WW2, the deadliest war in world history but how many of us know what happened after WW2? Yes! some of you may have guessed correctly, the cold war. This war was soon started after… Continue Reading →

The Actual Story of Bath School Disaster: America’s Deadliest Massacre

It happened in Michigan in 1927, and to this day it’s still the deadliest mass killing in an American school. The story starts with a 54 year old farmer named Andrew Kehoe. He was by all accounts a frugal (some… Continue Reading →

What is Sealand? is it really the world’s tiniest country?

Have you ever thought of going to someplace and acting like “first of my name and the protector of the realm, declare myself as the king of this place”? Well, I think we all have done something like this during… Continue Reading →

A death row prisoner tried to get too fat for the electric chair

How many of you have watched prison break? well, this post is not particularly about any prison break scene but yeah it is about how one prisoner came up with a great idea (that’s what he would have thought it,… Continue Reading →

A True Amazing Untold Story of a chess master Ossip Bernstein

Have you ever watched a scene in any movie where a prisoner was offered to play and win the game against a warden or someone to escape? Well, today I am going to tell you the story of a man… Continue Reading →

Weird Truth Behind “Dolphin Therapy For Pregnant Women”

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Have you or anyone you know visited the place which offers dolphin encounters? If yes, then you must have known, they now offer a new scheme called “Dolphin Therapy.” I think they might have gotten bored with the old scheme,… Continue Reading →

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