We all know what happened in WW2, the deadliest war in world history but how many of us know what happened after WW2?

Yes! some of you may have guessed correctly, the cold war. This war was soon started after the end of WW2 mainly between the US and Soviet Union.

What is Space Race?

The reason for the cold war was very simple and it was the global influence, both countries were basically trying to prove themselves the most powerful country in the world.

And in the competition of global influence, the most important thing is technology. who has the best technology is generally considered as the most powerful country.

That’s one of the main reasons behind the space race, a competition which happened between the US and the Soviet Union to see who had the best space technology during the cold war.

Well, here is an interesting question. Who won the space race? Let’s have a comment war in the comment section.

Many interesting things happened during the space race and if you don’t know much about it or still confused about who won the space race then read this: This Is Why The Soviet Union Lost ‘The Space Race’ To The USA

Spacecraft Landing Method

The US used the splashdown method for landing the spacecraft from space through which American spacecraft were splashed down into the Pacific Ocean and then recovered by Navy vessels.

The Soviets, on the other hand, went for a totally different approach.

They launched the spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, and instead of recovering it from the Ocean then transporting it back to Baikonur.

They decided to cut out the middleman and planned to land the spacecraft as close to the Cosmodrome as possible.

The pilot/crew would eject from the re-entry module and parachute to the ground, while the chutes on the reentry module would deploy afterward to lessen the impact and allow for recovery of the spacecraft.

This led to some interesting and pretty funny encounters.

An Interesting And Funny Incident From Space race

When Yuri Gagarin returned to Earth after being the first man in space on Vostok 1, he was supposed to land fairly close to Baikonur.

However, like the American space missions, landing points were more of a general guideline than a certain point on the deck that the spacecraft would touch down.

In Gagarin’s case, he touched down almost 300 km away from the intended landing site.

Two schoolgirls on their way home from school saw the reentry module plummet from the sky, bounce a couple of times, then come to a stop.

Gagarin himself, clad in a bright orange spacesuit complete with a bubble helmet, touched down on the farm of a very surprised Kazakh farmer and his young daughter.

Gagarin assured them that he was Soviet-like themselves, informed them that he had just returned home from space, and requested to borrow their telephone in order to call Moscow and arrange for a pickup.

Btw, how much money had the Soviet Union saved through this? Any guesses?