We all have read so many Interesting stories of great leaders, patriots, republican and people who had contributed in the independence of our countries.

Their life were full of challenges and struggle but still they did not give up.

Today, I am going to tell you about one of the vey few people who contributed to the unification of their countries and because of them, we can proudly say that we are an Indian, an American, an Italian, a Russian, etc.

This post is about Giuseppe Garibaldi, now mostly known for his biscuit namesake, he was a general who was key to the unification of Italy.

He is considered one of Italy’s “fathers of the fatherland” and also known as hero of the two worlds.

Beginning Of His Life Story

His backstory began in Piedmont, in the north of Italy, where he was involved in the failed 1820 revolution and sentenced to death.

He escaped on a boat to South America where he learned guerrilla warfare by fighting in the Uruguay Civil War.

He then returned in 1849 to Italy when he arrived in Rome, a recently proclaimed republic led by his ideological companion, Mazzini, while the Pope had fled.

Garibaldi was the leading general of what was a shining beacon of liberal democracy in a city state.

Eventually, the French reinstalled the Pope, after a hard fought defense. Garibaldi escaped yet again, this time moving to New York where he became a pirate.

Return of Garibaldi

He returned soon after, as his home town (Nice) had been ceded to France as part of a deal for Piedmont to gain more territory (the first steps of unification).

Cavour, another very important figure for another time, recognised the danger in Garibaldi trying to take back Nice, so he encouraged him to go south instead.

Garibaldi landed in Sicily with 1000 men. He left the island, after conquering it, with 3000. He marched on Naples with 15,000, outnumbered by the Neapolitan army by 10 to 1.

The king retreated to the river rather than face him, where his army slowly decayed away under siege.

Garibaldi entered the city by train to a hero’s welcome, and promptly handed over all the territory to the Piedmontese king. He had successfully conquered half the entire Italian peninsula by himself.

He then retired to a small island called Caprera with a years supply of macaroni pasta and not much else.

Well, this is just the brief of his life story. He had done a lot of things for the Italian unification and creation of the kingdom of Italy. Read more about him in detail here: Giuseppe Garibaldi

And tell us in the comments about the person who had done the same thing for your country.