Have you or anyone you know visited the place which offers dolphin encounters? If yes, then you must have known, they now offer a new scheme called “Dolphin Therapy.”

I think they might have gotten bored with the old scheme, “Come swim with Dolphin” so they introduced a brand new scheme which is btw trending nowadays but what is this Dolphin therapy? and what do experts say on this? To know these answers, read till the end.

The first thing which comes to our mind when someone starts talking about dolphins is, aren’t they cute? Yes! Of course, they are damn cute, but apart from that dolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals.

Dolphins are known worldwide for their friendly behavior and there are over 40+ species of dolphins, the most common being the Bottlenose dolphin.

Some facts about dolphins!

  • Dolphins can live up to 50 years or more.
  • Dolphins have two stomachs.
  • Dolphins help the sick & injured member.
  • Dolphins give themselves names.
  • Killer whales are the biggest kind of dolphin.
  • Dolphins sleep with only half of their brains.
  • Dolphins never chew their foods.

Experts say dolphins may detect pregnant women’s growing fetuses.

“I think it’s extremely reasonable that dolphins would be able to detect a fetus,” Lori Marino told LiveScience, who is a neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta. However, “a proper well-controlled research is required to make any definitive statement,” she recommended.

Dolphins identify the shapes, and locations of objects by emitting sounds in their environment and listen to the return echoes and guess what? Doctors use a similar technique to image a developing human baby inside a pregnant woman, basically, both involve ultrasound high-pitched pulses of sound above the range of human hearing.

Dolphins take a special interest in pregnant women as observed by many. They supposedly swim up to the pregnant women and make buzzing sounds near the women’s tummies.

Okay, wait for a Second! What is buzzing, “Buzzing” is a form of very concentrated echolocation. When the dolphins want to focus attention on something or stimulate another dolphin, they put their snout against the skin and buzz, Marino said, adding, “It sounds like a squeaky door.”

How does the dolphin develop this system?

Marino said, Dolphins probably aren’t born with their echolocation ability, but they develop it over time. For instance, Baby dolphins, babble before they learn to make more complex sounds. She suspects their echolocation must be learned as well.

What is dolphin therapy?

Many companies that offer dolphin encounters also offer dolphin therapy. These companies believed ultrasonic emissions of dolphins stimulate the brain activity of unborn babies while they are still developing, or they may be just lying.

Some of these company experts believe dolphins can communicate with your unborn child, can you believe this nonsense? and maybe in the future, they will say like, babies whose mothers used dolphin therapy start talking and reading sooner. Well, this is just a new way to earn money because guess what? People are getting dumber these days.

Some people claim that dolphins also have the ability to diagnose or treat human disease, but these claims are much less convincing, Marino said. Like, some people have reported dolphins acting differently in the presence of someone with a cancerous tumor. Marino said, there’s no evidence to prove this claim and no evidence that dolphins can heal people using echolocation.

Is it safe to give birth near dolphins?

Even though dolphins might be able to detect your pregnancy, giving birth near dolphins may not be a good idea as you think after all they are meat-eating marine mammals and are sometimes aggressive.

So next time, when you go for a dolphin encounter and they start telling you their dolphin therapy and all, then you know what to say and if you have visited any place like this then, please share your experience in the comments.