We are in so love with technology that we are desperately waiting for more to come like flying cars, we are very close to actually see cars flying, isn’t it cool?

But have you ever wondered what technology has done to us? and some people generally argue that, is technology good or bad? so read till the end and you will know the answer.

What is Technology?

According to google’s definition, technology is the methods, skills & processes you use to achieve your goals. So that means, as long as there have been people there has been technology and It has always been about the invention of tools and techniques to help us survive, progress manufacture, and grow as a species.

No doubt! Technology has come a long way by changing the world of work and reshaping the labour markets.

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives?

For 3.3 million years, the rise of technology has made our lives easier, for example, mobile phones have made our interactions easier, Now we can talk to our family and friends from any place. Airplanes have made traveling shorter, now we can reach anywhere in the world.

Technology is indeed tempting, it has improved lifestyles and helps in the growth of the economy. Today, we are living in a world where we don’t even have to get up from bed for anything at all. We can learn, work, order food, entertain, talk, and do a lot of other things from the bed.

If we talk about the benefits of it, there is no denying the fact that technology has achieved more than we can even imagine. Tell me in the comments, how it has changed your life.

Is it Bad or Good?

Truth be told, it is making people lazy, demanding and most important jobless. It has become a toy for teen, digital addiction is now the new habit of every tech user.

Now we are at the point that we don’t think about solving the problem by our own, we rather prefer to search about it on internet. Fun fact: that is the reason why “How to” has been the most trending keyword on internet.

Technology is neither bad and nor good. The most interesting thing about technology is if you learn how to use it, it works for you but who you are will decide how you use it.

Some of you must be thinking what does it mean? The thing is some people are using the technology to explore the universe, some are using it to save lives, some are using it to get success and some are using it to harm others.

So what’s the difference? It is the people, their intentions, and their mentality. It’s just us, one person is just scrolling his/her phone and wasting time, on the other hand, one person is working online and writing interesting posts (Yeah! that’s me).

Technology is same in both cases but its use may be different and who decides how to use it, it’s definitely the user.

Comment down your views on this & do comment what do you expect from future technology.